Happy 18th Birthday!

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Jimmy Zhang May 26, 2017
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It’s a special day to celebrate, yet with little time left towards College Entrance Examination there is not much to celebrate.

I would regard it as a milestone, encouraging me with the distance I’ve travelled while inspiring me with the infinite possibilities ahead. It indicates that I shall be recognized as an adult, even though I have constantly wished I could keep my curiosity and courage as if I were a kid.

18 years ago, I was brought to this world to fulfill my mission of creating values by unleashing potentials. Today, equipped with enough knowledge to start another level of exploration, never have I felt so excited and proud.

I have made mistakes, learning from those failures I’ve encountered. I have had thoughts of giving up, bearing those pains I’ve suffered. Were I given another chance will I start again? No. I love my unique and transformative world, who had taught me to wonder what surprises will be thrown at me next.

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